Facility Information


Iowa's Premier Shooting Complex


Located minutes from the Des Moines Metro the Ankeny Ikes provides a premier members only shooting facility. 

We host a wide variety of events that are open to the public, some of which include regularly scheduled Trap, 5-Stand,  USPSA, Steel Challenge, and IDPA, and Multi-Gun matches.  

Members enjoy access to our facility during daylight hours year round, allowing them to utilize our Archery range, manual trap thrower, as well as one of our five shooting ranges.

Members also enjoy additional discounts to many of our sponsored events such as Trap, 5-Stand, and our Competitive Shooting matches.  

Available Ranges

  • 5 Trap Ranges
  • Manual Trap Range
  • Archery Range
  • Bay 1 - 100 Yard Rifle Bay
  • Bay 2 - 50 Yard Rifle/Pistol Bay
  • Bay 3 - 50 Yard Rifle/Pistol Bay
  • Bay 4 - 50 Yard Rifle/Pistol Bay
  • Bay 5 - 35 Yard Rifle/Pistol Bay

Guest Policy

 Our work is guided entirely by grassroots volunteers. Our chapter advances the mission of the Izaak Walton League – restoring watersheds, reducing air pollution, fighting litter, protecting wildlife habitat and open spaces, and instilling conservation ethics in outdoor recreationists. To reach potential new members we encourage members to bring guests to our facility to enjoy the shooting sports opportunities we have to offer. Facilities are for the use of members, their families and guests. Guests are not expected to be continuous users of the facilities and are encouraged to become members.

Please follow these rules when bringing guests to our facility:

  • All members may bring five guests to our facility at a time.
  • All guests must complete a liability waiver and return it to the Board of Directors.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.
  • Members have priority to facilities, if your guests are shooting and other members show up be courteous and share the facility. (1 shooting lane per member is a good guideline.)
  • Commercial use is prohibited under our Guest Policy. (See Rental Policy)

Remember the primary purpose of bringing guests is to share our facility and grow our membership, be sure to suggest your guests join and support our chapter. 

Shooting Range Rules

Our shooting ranges are available for members use and depend on our members using them safely and responsibly. To facilitate thus we have created two documents to assist our members in safely using the range.  They can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Range Rules for Uncontrolled Range provides you with the range safety rules and guidelines for how to safely manage the cease fire systems on each bay. 
  • Range Utilization for Uncontrolled Range provides you with guidelines for acceptable targets, target placement, and other aspects of utilizing our range. 

Please remember that our facility is run by volunteers, so clean up after yourself when you are done shooting. Take down your targets, clean up your trash, and police your brass. In general try to leave the range a little cleaner than when you arrived. 

Trap Field Rules

The Trap Range Safety Rules can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please direct all questions to the Trap Committee.

Archery Range Rules

Waiting for approved rule set to be posted.

Facility Rental

  Overview The Ankeny Ikes offers rentals to members who wish to utilize our facilities outside the normal activities of the Ikes. All rentals are bound by the attached Rental Application and as appropriate the Instructor Agreement.   Fee Schedule The full approved fee schedule is attached.  

  • Clubhouse and grounds with no range use $30 per hour.*
  • Trap Range  Contact Trap Committee.  
  • Pistol/Rifle Ranges  $50 per hour.*  
  • Archery Range  $20 per hour.*  

* 50% off for time periods during Monday through Friday 8AM - 5PM  Rental Deposits  100% deposit due at scheduling. 100% refundable with 7 days prior notice to cancellation. 50% refundable with 48 hour prior notice.​
Rental Procedure In order to rent our facility please check the calendar to make sure a suitable time is available, and then visit our web store to setup the reservation. Please keep in mind that all rentals must be received at least 7 days ahead of time to allow for processing.  After your reservation has been processed you will receive an e-mail confirming your rental. In the event of a conflict we will contact you for an alternate date. If no date can be found or no response is received within 48 hours a refund will be given.  

Facility Access

 Gate Access with Access Card
To access our facility with your gate access card simply place your card within a few inches of the reader (Attached to the PIN Pad).
The gate will open and remain open long enough for a single vehicle to enter the facility.

  •  Do not proceed until the stoplight turns green.
  • DO NOT attempt to follow another vehicle in without using your card or they gate may close on your vehicle.

Exiting the Facility
Pull your vehicle up to the gate on the right side of the road. The gate system will detect your vehicle and open.

  • Do not proceed until the stoplight turns green
  • The ground loop senses moving metal objects so if you are going very slow it will not detect your vehicle.

Gate Access Cards
New members will receive a gate card via the mail.

New cards are sent out once per month.
This card will be issued once and will be re-activated each subsequent year upon renewal.
The card is only permitted to be used by the member who's name it carries.

Renewing members will continue to use the original card issued to them.
This card will be re-activated as soon as your membership renewal is processed.
Please see below if you have lost your card.

Lost Access Cards
Replacement cards are $5
You may request a replacement card here.